Packaging Projects

I am particularly partial to plastic zipper or zip-top bags. Most of us call these Ziploc bags, but that is a no no.

ZiplocĀ® is a registered trademark of SC Johnson (this week).  Some of my bags are, in fact Ziploc and some are not.

Temperature and Barometric pressure
These bags are under the back deck so are pretty much protected from wind and rain and sun.  Still a double layer of plastic.

These messy bags kind of hide behind a post so they are not too visible from the patio where folks enjoy wine ponds and goldfish.
The ESP8266 terminals and relays can be seen in the plastic bag.  Note that the opening is down so that rain will not enter.  The clips help too.

Below you can see the carefully crafted cedar shingle that hides the mess from the backside


Greenhouse moisture and temperature measurement and control. 

This is an ESP 8266 D1 Mini with a relay hat.  The relay turns watering on and off.

This bag too should be hanging with the opening down, but gardeners keep moving it. 

The snowstorm  collapsing the greenhouse didn't help.

Pill Bottles

Pill Bottle with Lolin NodeMcu Development board ESP8266 Doing NeoPixel control on my front deck. 

ESP32 Cam
Left original position of the pill bottle. 
The pill Bottle has now moved to  looking at my front driveway: 

Then I got sophisticated.  
ESP32 Cam in a 3D printed mount. Looking at the 3D printer:
Unfortunately it is not waterproof yet.
Thanks to Thingiverse:

Then of course we need to put our Leds in something.
And I will buy a beer for the first person who correctly identifies what the tall things are. Of course, after it is safe to come out.

Again thanks to Thingiverse: